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Dyer Harp Guitar Company
The only company dedicated entirely to the production of harp guitars.

For over a century Dyer Harp Guitars have been considered the Holy Grail of Harp Guitars; the magical quality of these instruments has become legendary over the years. With a few surviving examples in circulation they were fast becoming an instrument that would remain in the hands of collectors, galleries and a few very lucky musicians.

The driving passion behind Dyer Harp Guitars is simple; to reach into the rich history of the classic Dyer instruments, to touch the essence of these wonderful instruments.....to bring them back to life, to bring them back where they truly belong.....in the creative hands of today's musicians.

To embark on such an epic journey, where do we start?

We are very fortunate to own 5 model 4 Dyer Harp Guitars; some of which have been painstakingly disassembled and restored and in this process we have created the most detailed plans in existence of these instruments; including digitally mapping the entire guitar to gain insight into the thickness of all the tonewoods.

Our goal is not to make a new dyer or a modern version of this classic instrument; Our goal is to begin our journey from the point where the Dyer journey ended; to continue the great tradition of making the Dyer Harp Guitar.

By taking path that is steeped in tradition and history it gives us an opportunity to try and capture the magic & warmth of the 100 year old Dyers that drew Stephen Bennett, Michael Hedges, Andy Wahlberg, Don Alder, and countless others to its powerful deep sounds. Just listen to Stephen Bennett's recordings with his old Dyer on the album "Goodwood" and you will understand a little more of its appeal.

The Guitar is more than just a musical instrument; it was created by our innermost desire to express ourselves through music. It has become part of the fabric of our lives in a way that has changed the course of history.

We want to inspire a new generation of musicians to explore the wonderful creative opportunities that await when they choose to be part of the continuing history of the Dyer Harp Guitar family.



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